Hydrographic vessel

F.-J. Saucier

A vessel dedicated to scientific operations

    F.-J. Saucier is a boat dedicated to scientific operations. With its 7.9-meter catamaran structure and enclosed cabin, it provides stability to the crew, even in the challenging marine environments of the Saint Lawrence Estuary. Powered by two 135 HP engines, it combines maneuverability and energy efficiency. Equipped with advanced safety technologies such as VHF, radar, and AIS, the F.-J. Saucier ensures safety at sea. Its cutting-edge equipment includes a Kongsberg 2040 MBES sonar for precise mapping, an Ixblue Hydrins inertial navigation system for reliable navigation, and a ZF Profiler 9012A mobile Lidar for topographic data collection.

    F.-J. Saucier CIDCO hydrographic boat

    Specification Sheet :

    • Type: CheetahMarine Catamaran
    • Overall Length: 8.2 m
    • Overall Width: 2.7 m
    • Enclosed Cabin
    • Two 135 hp engines
    • Draft: 0.7 m
    • Transit Speed: 30 knots
    • Operational Speed (surveying): 6 knots
    • Crew: 1 boat captain and 1 hydrographer
    • Safety Equipment (VHF, radar, AIS, etc.)
    • Kongsberg 2040 MBES Sonar
    • Ixblue Hydrins Inertial Navigation System
    • ZF Profiler 9012A Mobile Lidar