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2018 + de projets
2017 + de projets
Cartographie - Saguenay Bathymetric Surveys - Saguenay
Survey in the Tadoussac area with the company Englobe on behalf of the Canadian Hydrographic Service.
2016 + de projets
Levé bathymétrique secteurs St-Ulric - Mont St-LouisSt-Ulric - Mont St-Louis bathymetric survey
Coastal erosion project with the UQAR Coastal Geoscience Research Chair. The study area extends from St-Ulric to Mont-St-Louis. With average annual erosion rates in the range of 0.5 to 2 m in many places, erosion of the coasts of the estuary and...
2015 + de projets
Formation CIDCO en hydrographieCIDCO course in hydrographic surveying
The CIDCO course in hydrographic surveying is recognized by the IHO (in Category B) and meets IHO S-5 standards of competences of Hydrographers and Nautical Cartographers.   Location : CIDCO,...
2014 + de projets
HydroBall_Romaine 4HydroBall_Romaine 4
The project's objective is to achieve the bathymetry of a section of the...
2013 + de projets
Modélisation 3D épaves du Saint-Laurent3D modeling wrecks of the St. Lawrence
CIDCO is committed to the acquisition of data of 9 wrecks, process the data and provide clips of numerical models for the website of Samuel Côté
2012 + de projets
Développement d'un prototype de bouée bathymétrique autonome pour la cartographie en rivièreautonomous buoy for bathymetric mapping in river
CIDCO proposes to develop an innovative solution based on the integration of quality equipment (high-frequency single beam echo sounder, DGPS dual frequency and attitude control) within a shell small (around 40cm in diameter). This autonomous buoy...
2011 + de projets
Brise-lames_MataneMatane's breakwater
Yann Ropars for Ropars Consultants
2010 + de projets
Habitat du crabeHabitat du crabe

The objective of this project is to perform the interpolation of partial coverage multibeam fieldwork near Sept-Iles. This project is part of a larger project to characterize areas of habitat distribution of snow...

2009 + de projets
Bathymétrie Ste-LuceBathymétrie Ste-Luce

On November 13, 14 and 15 2009, survey work with an interferometer SwathPlus-M sonar have been made to produce a bathymetric surface of the bay of Sainte-Luce. Covering an area of 5.94 km ², this...

Avant 2009 + de projets
Reconnaissance et localisation d'équipements aquicoles dans la colonne d'eau - Îles de la MadeleineDetection and localisation of fisheries equipment found within the water column - Magdalen Islands
Using an interferometric sonar various types of sonar signatures were classified. Those signatures were used to localize and describe longlines found within the water column.